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Come and visit the world of my artwork. Love it or hate it. Comments will be much appreciated.


Take a look at these amazing artists' work. :D


Adventures of Tasertricks - Selfie by riotfaerie
Adventures of Tasertricks - Selfie
In conjunction of 1,069 Followers in Tumblr, I made this in celebration of love and support from fans and shippers. This took me longer than I usually do. With the baby around and getting sick and busy with work, this comic took me months. But I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. And I sure hope you too!

As a gift, I made this for fans/shippers save into your phone and make them as a wallpaper. :) Enjoy!
Good news 'Such Great Heights' readers! Chapter 16 will be up real soon! And I drew a bit of somethin' somethin' for y'all with it. <3
Heya, guys! Manage to finish up the speedpaint. Click here for a looksie!

Speedpaint - Life is Strange
Life is Strange - Human Time Machine by riotfaerie
Life is Strange - Human Time Machine
I'm just... I'm just so glad I could finish up an artwork. Life's hard with a baby around.

So I'm sure most of you play the game; Life is Strange. And I played it on a PC and I just LOVE IT!! I am a sucker to movies/games about time travelling (and yes, I'm a Whovian) and this game just hits the spot. I have yet played the 2nd episode so HUSH!! NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!

Anyways, here I'm trying out perspective and a bit of effects. I'm no good at drawing hands but I'm proud of this one. Hope I could improve more.


14 years. Wow. Happy Birthday, Deviantart! Though, I'm only here for like 8 years but looking back at my first art entry, I could tell that I've been working my ass off to improve.

== Year 1: How it all started ==

So I drew quite a lot of animu stuffs back in the days with a senior from Secondary School, she suggested I try to upload my artworks here. So I subscribed as a different username (can't remember if it's riotfairy, or riotlpfairy.. it's been a while). I don't know squat to how to use it. So I abandoned it for a year before starting up again. To my surprised, DA changed the layout and I find myself more comfortable using it.

== Year 2-3 ==

I found these artists that inspired me to work on something less animu-like drawings. Made by the incredible mero-ix 

Butler by mero-ix The 99th Day by mero-ix Castor by mero-ix 100226 by mero-ix
I was inspired and made me want to work on more solid-like drawings. Slightly realism and slightly animated. After years of following her work, I still cannot compare my works with hers. She was one of my earliest inspiration (and still does!)

== Year 4-5 ==

I soon learn to colour my works, understanding brushes and textures. I have all my thanks to this guy: AquaSixio 

La fable de la girafe by AquaSixio Secret garden by AquaSixio Come September by AquaSixio You belong to me by AquaSixio

This guy give out so many useful and amazing tips with photoshop brushes and techniques! Thanks to him, I am more open to playing around with brushes and textures to create art. Also trying to draw more 'out of the box' style drawings. Also inspired by this incredible artist: vmbui 

Remiiyu's Ai by vmbui vivid. by vmbui tifa lockhart. by vmbui glowy sea lady. by vmbui

Her colours and 'mystical-ness' is breath-taking. I just love her brush strokes and the flow of its beauty. I miss her works and I hope one day she'll paint again.

== Year 5-6 =
After years of practicing and playing around with colours, I soon found myself very fond of traditional realism portraits and it helped me understand proportions of face and making them similar to references. I have two people to thank for on that: Cataclysm-X and kleinmeli 

Jensen Ackles - Dream Brother by Cataclysm-X Jared Leto - Echelon by Cataclysm-X Jude-in-Law by Cataclysm-X FF - Prince Charming WIP I by Cataclysm-X
by Cataclysm-X 

Ballpoint Pen Owl by kleinmeli Think Pink by kleinmeli Ballpoint Pen - Tom Hiddleston by kleinmeliMichael Jackson by kleinmeli

by kleinmeli 

I have such a lovely time learning from these two, who willingly put up tutorials or answer questions whenever I need help. They are truly the best and I learn so much in shading and be brave in drawing with different mediums. You girls have my thanks. <3

== Year 7-8 ==

I'm more of a mix media now, trying out different mediums of art that I could hand on and work on comfortably. There are still so many artists that still kept me inspired all these years and definitely there are new ones too. My artwork consist of digital realism but I've also been drawing comic-style drawings of which I am thankful that they are loved. Here are the ones that helped me work on TaserTricks and also those who helped me break into illustration. I still look up to their works currently.


Sailor Moon by Charlie-Bowater .: Se Lest :. by Charlie-Bowater Neon by Charlie-Bowater Ours by Charlie-Bowater
by Charlie-Bowater 

The Lights by alicexz The Roar of Our Stars by alicexz Rapunzel by alicexz A Once and Future King by alicexz
by alicexz 

Some other Inspiration:

I was a King by Florbe Loki in furs by Florbe The Winter Soldier by Florbe Collab with Florbe by MoochingLeech
by Florbe 

dream a little dream by burdge the sun's been quite kind by burdge take it, it's yours. by burdge il y a by burdge
by burdge 

Father's Day by GraphiteDoll a long time ago ... by GraphiteDoll Wanna Hear a Joke !? by GraphiteDollso tell me about Berk ... by GraphiteDoll
by GraphiteDoll 

And last and not least, my husband's work. He used to take quite a lot of photos and I love them all. Adi have that concept that I never thought of and he could achieve the look when he can (with his condition and all). Here are some of his works I fell in love with:
Just hanging by Kaza-kaizen   Wasai Wong Kadir by Kaza-kaizen Tony Tony Chopper by Kaza-kaizen photo shot try out part 3 by Kaza-kaizen

lady loki by Kaza-kaizen
(and yeah, that's me as Lady Loki. <////< )
by Kaza-kaizen 

== Special Thanks ==

To all my deviant watchers who have shown me love and support with my works. Thank you for sharing them and thank you for commenting my works, it shows that there are people who look up to my works. To either laugh at them, cry at them, awed (hopefully) by them. Because of you all, I continue to draw and continue to work on the comics for your (and myself) entertainment. I love you all and here's to many years to come! CHEERS!!
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Hey, sorry, it's me again. How much are the drawing programs, and would you say they are worth the price? Thanks a million!
riotfaerie Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! Sorry for replying late. I got Photoshop from a friend so I wasn't sure how much it is. I use Paint Tool SAI for free, though! If you search around the net, I'm sure you could find them. :)
BethanyMcLaughlin Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, thank you.
BethanyMcLaughlin Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I love your drawings! Can you please tell me what programs you use and how you learned to be so good, please? Thank you!
riotfaerie Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! Thank you for introducing the comment with love and support! :D 

My tools for arting requires: Paint Tool SAI (for drawings and painting) and Adobe Photoshop CS5 (for editing)
It's no secret on how to be good (I'm still learning, btw!) and that is to paint/draw every day. Take criticism as a way for improvement. And don't be afraid to show your works to people no matter how bad or good is it. Because we need feedback and those feedback could help you out. I hope this is useful for you! :)
BethanyMcLaughlin Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much, it is extremely helpful!

And honestly, it is no problem. I love your work. I have to say, it is probably what really got me interested in digital artwork.

Thanks again!
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Well excuse me while I just blow up your inbox with notifications with all my favoriting.
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Awwwwwh! Thank you so much for that! <3
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Fellow Loki artist! :D I love Loki x Darcy! :3 <3
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