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Come and visit the world of my artwork. Love it or hate it. Comments will be much appreciated.


Take a look at these amazing artists' work. :D


Good news 'Such Great Heights' readers! Chapter 16 will be up real soon! And I drew a bit of somethin' somethin' for y'all with it. <3
Heya, guys! Manage to finish up the speedpaint. Click here for a looksie!

Speedpaint - Life is Strange
Life is Strange - Human Time Machine by riotfaerie
Life is Strange - Human Time Machine
I'm just... I'm just so glad I could finish up an artwork. Life's hard with a baby around.

So I'm sure most of you play the game; Life is Strange. And I played it on a PC and I just LOVE IT!! I am a sucker to movies/games about time travelling (and yes, I'm a Whovian) and this game just hits the spot. I have yet played the 2nd episode so HUSH!! NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!

Anyways, here I'm trying out perspective and a bit of effects. I'm no good at drawing hands but I'm proud of this one. Hope I could improve more.


- Chapter Fifteen –

Darcy opened her eyes slightly from the creaking of light entering her cornea. “It’s day time already?” she croaked and turned to look at her clock. It was just 7am. “Urgh.” She lay on her stomach, her head burying into her fluffy pillow. “Must. Sleep. More.” She mumbled and let her pillow suffocate her; good enough to knock herself out.

Out of the blue, someone jumped onto her bed, just right beside her. “Darcy! Darcy!!” clearly it was Jane. “Darcy! Wake up!!”

“I don’t wanna~” she whined.

“I got good news!”

“So much news.” Darcy mumbled, last night’s news were about the machine she had been working on but Darcy’s mind have wondered off to be excited over it. She couldn’t stop thinking about how Buddy was upset with her. “Can news come later? Need sleep now.” Darcy muffled, waved her hand a little tiredly and buried herself into her blanket. “I want to be a caterpillar and sleep.”

“Darcy! Erik called!” Jane said with a fight, bursting her news ever so sudden.

“Erik?” Darcy pulled down her blanket slightly just to have her eyes peeked at her friend. Jane appeared all ready and fresh. So much chipper than her usual mornings. “Did you just drink more caffeine than you’re supposed to consume? You’re so energetic today and it’s bumming up my caterpillar mornings.”

“Erik was called by the local Astrophysics and Science Department. We’re in!” Jane said excitedly.

“In?” slowly, Darcy began to wake. “In where?”

“We’re invited by them! For their annual event!”

“Oh yay~” Darcy smiled, almost enthusiastically. “I’m sorry if I sound unamused, I couldn’t sleep last night—“

“And I’m gonna be their keynote speaker!” Jane interrupted. And that’s how Darcy got out of bed. Darcy sat up, surprised, her eyes widened (finally), ignoring the morning light registering into her brain.

“THEY WHAT?!” her voice no longer croaked.

“They invited us and letting me be their keynote speaker! You know what this means, right!?” Jane said as she bounced on Darcy’s bed.

“Of course I do! You’ve been talking about this ever since I started working for you!” Darcy grinned; looking at her friend being all giddy is a great way to start the morning. Far opposite of how she felt earlier.

“Think of this, Darce. First I’m going to give them about 15 minutes speech about our discovery, some flash point, and then actual presentation with the machine I’ve been working on.”

Darcy chuckled by the thought of Jane planning this all out as if she had planned this since she was a little girl. Jane is not the same like any other little girls who dreamed their wedding.

“And then a surprise performance by Ed Sheeran.” Darcy joked. “Bitches love Ed Sheeran.”

Jane rolled her eyes. “If they love the presentation, we’ll finally going to get paid, live in a better lab, food in the fridge..”

“And a dinner with Ed Sheeran?”

“If it’s possible… Oh! How was dinner with Buddy last night?” Jane’s eyes gleamed. Darcy then suddenly frowned.

“Um.. It was… fine.” Darcy said, almost hesitantly.

“Fine?” Jane too frowned by the news. “What happen?”

“Uh… Well… He was sort of upset before you called me into the lab to show me the machine functioning well with the draft.” Darcy brushed her bushy brunette hair to her side.

“He was upset..? Oh God, Darcy.. I’m sorry—“

“No, no, it’s not because of that.”

“Then what is it?”

“Uuuuuhhh… You know that guy, Paul?”

“Paul? The one who guard the gates at the SHIELD HQ?”

“Yeah, him. He’s an Agent for SHIELD now.”

“He was promoted?!”

“Yeah, I was surprised too! Anyways, well, you know how him and I sort of always flirting with each other?”

“You flirt with everyone.”

“EXACTLY! So anyways, Paul sort of… ‘like’ me like me. You know what I mean?”



“So Buddy’s upset because of Paul?”

“You see, Paul and I have been texting with each other; to catch up and all.”

“Uh huh.”

“And he replied with this:” Darcy picked up her cellphone and showed Jane her text message.

“A date? This Saturday? That’s when the event is happening!”

“It’s this Saturday?!”

“Are you going with Paul?”

“Well, I never really agree in going on a date with Paul.”

“It looks like that you are. But Darce, what about Buddy?” Jane looked at her with concern.

Darcy frowned and slammed the pillow on her face as she crashed back into her bed. “I don’t know.” She muffled.

“Darcy.” Jane took the pillow off her friend’s face. “Darcy, do you like Paul?” Darcy thought for a moment, her eyes looking away from her friend. “Do you like Buddy?”

“I.. I don’t know. I mean, I like Paul and… then there’s Buddy.”

“What about Buddy?”

“Buddy’s… really sweet, and thoughtful, and he’s so cute! Not to mention he had a huge—“she blushed, recalling the time she accidentally held Buddy’s ‘knob’. “—heart.” Darcy turned away, still blushing.

“And you feel the same way with Paul?”

“Paul… You see, he’s friendly and funny and I like that we flirt with each other.”

“I know this is tough for you, Darce. You’re really lucky to have two men by your side right now..” she said almost sadly.

Darcy turned to look at her friend, a hint of sadness in her eyes. “Oh Jane, I’m sorry—“

“It’s okay.” Jane forced a smile, “He’ll be back. I’m sure of it.” She stood up, her smile no longer fake. “Well, I got some preparing to do for this Saturday. I’ll be downstairs as usual.”

And Jane finally went out of Darcy’s room and Darcy just sat on her bed, still thinking if she should get back to sleep, shower, choosing Buddy or Paul.

“Decisions suck.” Darcy muttered and went out of bed without haste.


It was already past noon and Darcy sat on her usual area of their workplace. Jane had instructed her to work on a bunch of presentation slides for Jane’s keynote speech while Jane and Buddy worked their way on the findings.

Darcy and Buddy have not spoken to each other since last night.

Let alone Buddy even took a glance at her. All Darcy could do is sighed and continue working on the presentation. After another hour, Jane asked Darcy if she could fetch some coffee and doughnuts as a break while Jane worked on the presentation.

“What are we, cops??” Darcy joked, got up and picked up her coat.

Jane could only chuckle, “Bring Buddy with you.” And that made Buddy and Darcy paused and finally looking at each other. “I know you need company.” Jane secretly winked at her friend.

Darcy rolled her eyes. She couldn’t say no to Jane. She knew too well that she and Buddy need to talk about what happened.

‘Buddy didn’t say no, so that’s a good sign.’ Darcy thought, “Sure.” Darcy finally said and gestured Buddy to tag along.

“Are you sure you’re okay working here alone?” Buddy turned to Jane. He does look concern for a second. That’s when Darcy recalled Phil’s ‘comment’ about Buddy being a spy.

“Oh! I’m sure she’ll be fine!” Darcy put on her coat and dragged Buddy by the arm as she led them out the lab. With her bag and keys already in her hand, she made sure there’s no exception to leave Buddy and Jane alone. ‘Smooth, Darce. Smooth.’ She thought and the two finally walked out.
Buddy didn’t say anything but entered the vehicle anyway, and sat quietly next to Darcy who had fastened her seatbelt and starting the ignition.

The two drove their way to their close-by town, which usually took them more than 10 minutes to reach. In those 600 seconds of time, none of them even said anything. Darcy kept glancing at Buddy, which she found that he was looking out of the window at all times.

Darcy opened her mouth, just wanting to apologize to him but she stopped herself as she realized why she needs to apologize to him.

“I don’t understand.” She finally said. Buddy turned to look at her but didn’t say anything. “I don’t understand why you’re so upset.” She continued. “I mean, we had such a good time—“

“You wouldn’t understand.” Buddy interrupted.

“Then let me understand! What did I do?!”

“It’s—“ he stopped, collecting his thoughts. “It’s complicated!”

“Jane’s science-y stuff is complicated! You, of all people I know aside from Eric, understand complicated things! I’ve been there for Jane through complications. I know too well I can handle this one.”

“You really want to know!?” Buddy said as he raised his voice.

“Yes!” Darcy also raised her voice.

“It’s about this Paul fella!” he finally said, a slight growl at the end.

“What about Paul?! He’s just a friend, Buddy! Nothing more than that!”

“Oh yes? If your relationship between you and Paul are nothing, then what’s with the date that you two will be having?”

“That…” Darcy felt a throb in her throat.

“Well??” Buddy asked assertively.

“I.. I don’t know.”

“YOU don’t know?”

“I don’t know!!”

“Well, that’s just brilliant, isn’t it?!” Buddy’s voice sounded sarcastic on this one. “Am I nothing to you too??”

“What are you saying?!”

“So you simply toss me out if our date didn’t go well last night? So you could just end up with Paul?! Am I some sort of toy to you!?”

“Buddy, that’s not what this is—“

“Then what is?!”

“Just shut up and let me explain!!”

“Enough. Stop the steed.”


He slammed both of his fists onto the dashboard of the vehicle, “JUST STOP THIS STEED!!”
Darcy have had never heard Buddy yelled at anyone, let alone at her before. With the slamming of the dashboard was enough to frightened Darcy and immediately she screeched the car to a halt.

Buddy stepped out of the vehicle and Darcy does the same too. “Buddy! Where are you going!?”

“To get some bloody fresh air!” he yelled back.

“Buddy!” Darcy rushed to him and grabbed hold of his arm. “C’mon, we could work this out!”
Buddy broke her touch from his arm and his green eyes stare down at her. It gave Darcy the chills.

“I may have lost my memory, Darcy. But one thing I certainly hate is being lied to.”

“But I never lied!”

“Oh? You’re keeping things from me, Darcy. I’ve noticed this for quite some time now.”

“I-I’m..” Darcy stammered. “I’m not keeping anything from you!”

Buddy stood still, towering above Darcy as he glare down at the woman. For the first time, Darcy felt fragile. “Are you most certain about it?” he asked, his voice a little gentler but sounded harsh at the same time.

Darcy looked away. She was afraid he would just break her with his cold stare. “You’re my friend, Buddy. Why would I keep stuff from you?”

An answer Buddy didn’t expect to hear. “Tell me the truth, Darcy. I want to hear this from you..” he took a step closer to the woman, still towering above her but his stare now gentle. “Aren’t I more than a friend?”

A question Darcy find it hard to answer. “U-Uh.. Um…” she mumbled to herself.
Within almost half of half a minute, Buddy took a step back, his head tilt slightly up in defeat.

“I see now. You don’t have the answer.”


“No, no. I understand now.” Buddy continued and turned as he walked away.

“Buddy!” Darcy called him but he raised his hand in a small wave.

“I’ll give you some space to think about us, Darcy. I’m taking a breather. I’ll walk back to the lab.”

“I can’t leave you alone! What if you get hurt?!” she voiced out her concern.

“It’s too late for that.” Buddy replied and kept on walking.

Darcy voiced out again but knew too well that Buddy wouldn’t change his mind. ‘Great. JUST great!’ she scolded to herself and walked to the car. ‘God, this is not going so well.’ She slid herself into the vehicle’s seat and started her ignition when suddenly she noticed something odd inside the car. Just by the front passenger’s seat.

“What the--?” she paused and saw half of the car’s dashboard covered in something glistening. And something white. Darcy, without any force of thoughts, reached out her hand and held it gently. It was cold. Extremely cold; cold enough to not even melt in a place like New Mexico. “Ice?” she mumbled and immediately took some photos of it in case it melt on her way back to see Jane… or Coulson.
LokixDarcy - 'Such Great Heights' - Chapter 15

*Disclaimer: All rights belong to Marvel. No profit is being made.

Author's Note:

This story takes place in a Marvel Movieverse and after the incident in Thor and before the Avengers.

So so sooooooooooooooooo sorry if it takes forever! I bet most of you know what I've been up to nowadays. Chapter 16 is in the works. So I hope you like this one.

Reading too far ahead?

Read here! :
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Chapter Thirteen: Tasertricks - Such Great Heights [Chapter 13]
Chapter Fourteen: LokixDarcy - 'Such Great Heights' - Chapter 14
Chapter Fifteen: [YOU ARE HERE]

This fanfiction is on Tumblr! […

Need some LokixDarcy lovin'? Visit the gallery here!…
Tasertricks - Genderbend LokixDarcy by riotfaerie
Tasertricks - Genderbend LokixDarcy
It's so hard to find the time to draw again. Especially after having a baby. Doing everything I can to keep drawing again. Here's Lady Loki and Guy Darcy.
14 years. Wow. Happy Birthday, Deviantart! Though, I'm only here for like 8 years but looking back at my first art entry, I could tell that I've been working my ass off to improve.

== Year 1: How it all started ==

So I drew quite a lot of animu stuffs back in the days with a senior from Secondary School, she suggested I try to upload my artworks here. So I subscribed as a different username (can't remember if it's riotfairy, or riotlpfairy.. it's been a while). I don't know squat to how to use it. So I abandoned it for a year before starting up again. To my surprised, DA changed the layout and I find myself more comfortable using it.

== Year 2-3 ==

I found these artists that inspired me to work on something less animu-like drawings. Made by the incredible mero-ix 

Butler by mero-ix The 99th Day by mero-ix Castor by mero-ix 100226 by mero-ix
I was inspired and made me want to work on more solid-like drawings. Slightly realism and slightly animated. After years of following her work, I still cannot compare my works with hers. She was one of my earliest inspiration (and still does!)

== Year 4-5 ==

I soon learn to colour my works, understanding brushes and textures. I have all my thanks to this guy: AquaSixio 

La fable de la girafe by AquaSixio Secret garden by AquaSixio Come September by AquaSixio You belong to me by AquaSixio

This guy give out so many useful and amazing tips with photoshop brushes and techniques! Thanks to him, I am more open to playing around with brushes and textures to create art. Also trying to draw more 'out of the box' style drawings. Also inspired by this incredible artist: vmbui 

Remiiyu's Ai by vmbui vivid. by vmbui tifa lockhart. by vmbui glowy sea lady. by vmbui

Her colours and 'mystical-ness' is breath-taking. I just love her brush strokes and the flow of its beauty. I miss her works and I hope one day she'll paint again.

== Year 5-6 =
After years of practicing and playing around with colours, I soon found myself very fond of traditional realism portraits and it helped me understand proportions of face and making them similar to references. I have two people to thank for on that: Cataclysm-X and kleinmeli 

Jensen Ackles - Dream Brother by Cataclysm-X Jared Leto - Echelon by Cataclysm-X Jude-in-Law by Cataclysm-X FF - Prince Charming WIP I by Cataclysm-X
by Cataclysm-X 

Ballpoint Pen Owl by kleinmeli Think Pink by kleinmeli Ballpoint Pen - Tom Hiddleston by kleinmeliMichael Jackson by kleinmeli

by kleinmeli 

I have such a lovely time learning from these two, who willingly put up tutorials or answer questions whenever I need help. They are truly the best and I learn so much in shading and be brave in drawing with different mediums. You girls have my thanks. <3

== Year 7-8 ==

I'm more of a mix media now, trying out different mediums of art that I could hand on and work on comfortably. There are still so many artists that still kept me inspired all these years and definitely there are new ones too. My artwork consist of digital realism but I've also been drawing comic-style drawings of which I am thankful that they are loved. Here are the ones that helped me work on TaserTricks and also those who helped me break into illustration. I still look up to their works currently.


Sailor Moon by Charlie-Bowater .: Se Lest :. by Charlie-Bowater Neon by Charlie-Bowater Ours by Charlie-Bowater
by Charlie-Bowater 

The Lights by alicexz The Roar of Our Stars by alicexz Rapunzel by alicexz A Once and Future King by alicexz
by alicexz 

Some other Inspiration:

I was a King by Florbe Loki in furs by Florbe The Winter Soldier by Florbe Collab with Florbe by MoochingLeech
by Florbe 

dream a little dream by burdge the sun's been quite kind by burdge take it, it's yours. by burdge il y a by burdge
by burdge 

Father's Day by GraphiteDoll a long time ago ... by GraphiteDoll Wanna Hear a Joke !? by GraphiteDollso tell me about Berk ... by GraphiteDoll
by GraphiteDoll 

And last and not least, my husband's work. He used to take quite a lot of photos and I love them all. Adi have that concept that I never thought of and he could achieve the look when he can (with his condition and all). Here are some of his works I fell in love with:
Just hanging by Kaza-kaizen   Wasai Wong Kadir by Kaza-kaizen Tony Tony Chopper by Kaza-kaizen photo shot try out part 3 by Kaza-kaizen

lady loki by Kaza-kaizen
(and yeah, that's me as Lady Loki. <////< )
by Kaza-kaizen 

== Special Thanks ==

To all my deviant watchers who have shown me love and support with my works. Thank you for sharing them and thank you for commenting my works, it shows that there are people who look up to my works. To either laugh at them, cry at them, awed (hopefully) by them. Because of you all, I continue to draw and continue to work on the comics for your (and myself) entertainment. I love you all and here's to many years to come! CHEERS!!
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My tools for arting requires: Paint Tool SAI (for drawings and painting) and Adobe Photoshop CS5 (for editing)
It's no secret on how to be good (I'm still learning, btw!) and that is to paint/draw every day. Take criticism as a way for improvement. And don't be afraid to show your works to people no matter how bad or good is it. Because we need feedback and those feedback could help you out. I hope this is useful for you! :)
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